Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stella McCartney golden bags

Stella McCartney's FW11 runway show was filled with gold.

So are her new bags, along with the much loved "Fallabella" she presented several new models, as a smaller across body bag, the "Boston" bag and a very chic smaller bag.

Small across body


The "Boston"

I really like all her bags but if I could choose I think it would have to be the "Boston" bag, it looks lie a perfect everyday bag.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I want/ need flares!

As I have said before, I adore the 70's, I always have. For quite a while now I have been longing for flares, mostly flared jeans, I am getting bored with skinny jeans, although I have to admit that they are probably a staple in almost everyone's closet by now. I never really stopped wearing them but now I WANT them. The only thing stopping me right now is that I can't seem to find the perfect shoe, for spring or summer it's easy, love them with wedges but with any kind of heel really. But right now I'm a bit confused.
All this brought me down to the garage (where we keep loads and loads of clothes) and I brought up all the flares that I could find, must say I have quite a little collection, still haven't found them all. About three years ago when they were last a "fashion must" (the flares), I bought several pairs, just to find out I was pregnant a few months later and with many of them being high waisted I had to put them away to be used in the future, well here we are and I am bringing on the flare!

all pictures above courtesy of The Sartorialist

Since I really like Kate Moss's style I couldn't leave her out.

For the above pictures; I don't know who took them but I can obviously not take the credit!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colorblocking... and lobster red

Lobster red cashmere sweater ("robbed" from boyfriends closet, to small for him anyway!), See by Chloe skirt (China Blue), Ankle boots Sam Edelman and Stella McCartney bag

So I wanted to try some "color blocking". The idea actually came from this very red/orange sweater that was actually my boyfriends, but he realized that it is to small for him so I inherited it... Lucky me, it is the softest cashmere ever. At the end I added this blue skirt and finally a green military jacket. The result was ok, quite modest but fine for everyday...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Mulberry

So just when I thought that I wanted spring to come (fast) I find myself longing a bit for autumn... Seeing these bags makes me want to pile on cardigans, scarves and a floppy felt hat.
Have to add though that the weather here today could just as well be October weather, obviously it's not the rain I'm longing for but the orange leaves on the trees and playing with my daughter in the park while the autumn sun softly falls through the branches of the trees.

Mulberry Tillie FW11

This is one of the Mulberry bags from next season (FW11) I love the color... Burgundy is so 70's and I personally love that era.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Talking about color...

I so wish that I was in Paris... Look at the beauty of this door!

I am really into turquoise right now.... I think it 's because it reminds me of spring.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Color is in the air

picture from JAK & JIL BLOG (one of my favorite street style blogs)

The girl in the picture above is Taylor Tomasi Hill, she used to work for TEEN Vogue but is now with Marie Claire (US) as style and accessories director. I really like her style, and I love her red hair.

So for ss11 one of the must have for every girl that follows fashion and trends should be the colored bag, small as big, squared as slouchy any shape. Obviously everyone recognizes the bags from Proenza Schouler and Mulberry , and myself included would obviously love to get my hands on one of them... There are a lot of other alternatives, like the bags from Kate Spade (small squared one pictured in collage) The point is, basically you can't go wrong as long as you color your world a little!

Color is in the air

Color is in the air by anispearls featuring pink handbags