Thursday, March 3, 2011

Color is in the air

picture from JAK & JIL BLOG (one of my favorite street style blogs)

The girl in the picture above is Taylor Tomasi Hill, she used to work for TEEN Vogue but is now with Marie Claire (US) as style and accessories director. I really like her style, and I love her red hair.

So for ss11 one of the must have for every girl that follows fashion and trends should be the colored bag, small as big, squared as slouchy any shape. Obviously everyone recognizes the bags from Proenza Schouler and Mulberry , and myself included would obviously love to get my hands on one of them... There are a lot of other alternatives, like the bags from Kate Spade (small squared one pictured in collage) The point is, basically you can't go wrong as long as you color your world a little!

Color is in the air

Color is in the air by anispearls featuring pink handbags

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