Friday, April 29, 2011


I love bracelets, always have done.... when I was younger I was obsessed and I made them myself, I still continue to buy pearls on random occasions thinking that I will have the time to make bracelets or other nice things but I never seem to find the time. A year ago in Stockholm I lost a bag of just purchased pearls in the taxi on the way to the airport, €60 worth of pearls.

Having accepted the fact that I wont be doing them myself I like to look at what others do... These are my list "find" in the sense that I am looking but not buying just now.

Frieda and Nellie they make "friendship bracelets" with a twist...

picture borrowed through "The Man Repeller"

If it wasn't raining...

Alice Olivia sleeveless dress, $330
Victoria s Secret cotton jacket, $80
K. Jacques leather shoes, $540
Proenza Schouler satchel shoulder bag, $1,995
Alexander McQueen black bangle, $420
Erickson Beamon snake jewelry, $840
Vintage jewelry, $1,091
TopShop straw hat, $50
Ray Ban ray ban shade, $145
Opi Nail Lacquer In ‘Suzi & The Lifeguard’, 11 GBP
DL & Co Gold apple candle, 70 GBP

This is what I would love to wear today, if it wasn't raining today. I love long jersey dresses, as well as sandals from K. Jacques ( I actualy used to tell sell them when I worked in a show room in Milan).  Always like to stack bracelets. And the bag... oh that bag,  there isn't that much to say... wouldn't my if it entered in my closet...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday In The Park

Balenciaga motorcycle bag, Shine military pants, vintage sunglasses (Sunday market find!), vintage velour blazer and daughter's Monchichi. Perfect Saturday!

 Being a mom I often find myself wanting to dress in a certain way and ending up dressing in a completely different way. I used to love heels, I wore them all the time, I even walked to work on my beloved heels. Nowadays I don't get to wear them too often. Most of all because most of my time is spent in parks and other child friendly (read not heels friendly) places.

So this is what a normal day in the park can look like for me with the accessories to go (here pictured a giant Monchichi, obviously courtesy of my daughter.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What hair color can do for you.... (part 2)

I would love changing my haircolor radically, I have actually been blond, black, redish, black/blue etc etc. In November I went copper color and though I was convinced that I would love it at the end I just felt uncomfortable. So I leave it to others that obviously pull it of a lot better than I did and admire thier locks from far away...

Taylor Tommasi Hill is another woman that we have seen a lot of the last seasons on different blogs. She does dress very well as well but I think that one of the reasons that she obviously attracts attention is her red hair, her very red hair. Who she is? She used to be the accessories director for teen Vogue and is currently with Maire Claire and I heard through the grapewine that she is soon to be working as the new fashion director for Barney's New York.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What hair color can do for you... (part 1)

I have to admit to be quite in to fashion blogs, I love looking at them for inspiration, or just out of curiosity, to see what people wear. Looking at all these people I sometimes ask myself what the people in  the pictures have that appeal the photographer.

Personally I started following the Sartorialist more or less when it started, at the time there weren't as many blogs doing this... anyways, my point... I don't know what my point was. 

Nowadays you tend to see the same people everywhere... Anna Dello Russo with 
random hats or golden cherries on her head...

But then you also find people like Elisa Nalin, originally from Verona, Italy but now lives in Paris where she styles and designs shoes. She is one of the people that has to have been on almost every street style blogs this season. She used to be light brown but has gone platinum blonde and personally I really like it! And she is suddenly all over... (pictures below are randomly taken from the great web, The Sartorialist, Garance Doree etc no credit intended!)

She does have a very special style but I like it, I don't think that I could pull it of where I live even though I would love to...

On the Selby you can see her house, the pictures are from 2008 if I am not mistaken.