Sunday, April 3, 2011

What hair color can do for you... (part 1)

I have to admit to be quite in to fashion blogs, I love looking at them for inspiration, or just out of curiosity, to see what people wear. Looking at all these people I sometimes ask myself what the people in  the pictures have that appeal the photographer.

Personally I started following the Sartorialist more or less when it started, at the time there weren't as many blogs doing this... anyways, my point... I don't know what my point was. 

Nowadays you tend to see the same people everywhere... Anna Dello Russo with 
random hats or golden cherries on her head...

But then you also find people like Elisa Nalin, originally from Verona, Italy but now lives in Paris where she styles and designs shoes. She is one of the people that has to have been on almost every street style blogs this season. She used to be light brown but has gone platinum blonde and personally I really like it! And she is suddenly all over... (pictures below are randomly taken from the great web, The Sartorialist, Garance Doree etc no credit intended!)

She does have a very special style but I like it, I don't think that I could pull it of where I live even though I would love to...

On the Selby you can see her house, the pictures are from 2008 if I am not mistaken.

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Hermione said...

Really inspiring post! Hmmmm..... Maybe after summer!