Friday, April 29, 2011

If it wasn't raining...

Alice Olivia sleeveless dress, $330
Victoria s Secret cotton jacket, $80
K. Jacques leather shoes, $540
Proenza Schouler satchel shoulder bag, $1,995
Alexander McQueen black bangle, $420
Erickson Beamon snake jewelry, $840
Vintage jewelry, $1,091
TopShop straw hat, $50
Ray Ban ray ban shade, $145
Opi Nail Lacquer In ‘Suzi & The Lifeguard’, 11 GBP
DL & Co Gold apple candle, 70 GBP

This is what I would love to wear today, if it wasn't raining today. I love long jersey dresses, as well as sandals from K. Jacques ( I actualy used to tell sell them when I worked in a show room in Milan).  Always like to stack bracelets. And the bag... oh that bag,  there isn't that much to say... wouldn't my if it entered in my closet...

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