Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday In The Park

Balenciaga motorcycle bag, Shine military pants, vintage sunglasses (Sunday market find!), vintage velour blazer and daughter's Monchichi. Perfect Saturday!

 Being a mom I often find myself wanting to dress in a certain way and ending up dressing in a completely different way. I used to love heels, I wore them all the time, I even walked to work on my beloved heels. Nowadays I don't get to wear them too often. Most of all because most of my time is spent in parks and other child friendly (read not heels friendly) places.

So this is what a normal day in the park can look like for me with the accessories to go (here pictured a giant Monchichi, obviously courtesy of my daughter.)


Anonymous said...

I love it! And the Monchichi looks cute too, maybe you're on to a new trend:). Really cool look, and gorgeous hair.

Anonymous said...

Always inspiring to see personal style so well executed.